Hello. My name is Becky, and this is a blog about compassionate living and ethical beauty. 

I'm a twenty-one-year-old British student and I make YouTube videos mainly about ethical fashion, cruelty-free beauty, and my journey towards more conscious consumption.

A brand interested in connecting? 
The good news is that I am PR friendly, so if you are an ethical/cruelty-free/vegan brand, do feel free to get in touch at 

Why did you start this blog?

Whilst transitioning from long-term vegetarian to vegan, I found myself torn between my love for make up/editorial fashion/vintage glamour, and my love for the planet.

I love animals and I love the planet. In fact, for as long as I can remember I've cared almost embarassingly strongly about both of them. Way back when we were little kids, walking to school would be held up by us picking up litter from the pavement and finding a bin to put it all in. In secondary school, pretty much the only argument I had with my best friend was about animals being killed for their fur. As soon as I could reach the light switch, I drove my family crazy from going around the house turning all the lights off to not waste electricity (I still do this now, and yes it still annoys them just as much).

Out of all the sad things that go on in the world, animal cruelty always seems to hit home the most for me. It breaks my heart that some creatures never get to feel the grass beneath their feet. That there are Beagles sitting in the dark as you read this waiting to be infected and force fed. Rabbits cramped in cages and being continually burned with nasty chemicals. It really does break my heart. We do not need a new formula of mascara that urgently. Don't get me wrong - I really do love make up. I love it. But not at the cost of torture. No animal should be left in the dark. No animal should be murdered, abused or used in any way. End of. Domestic pets should be loved and wild animals should be free.

As an animal lover it's really very difficult, when you are truly awakened to the absolute horrors of the meat and the dairy and the fashion and beauty and many other cruel industries at large today, to not boil over with anger. I think that's why vegans are labelled as being so pushy and forceful, you get so passionate that it's just frustrating and upsetting that people don't link the melting ice caps and the global poverty and the wildlife damage and the animal cruelty and heart disease with the chicken breast on their plate. You begin to ask yourself, when did living with care become to be seen as such an extreme way to live?

I remember once asking my mum how there can be so much evil in the world, and her answer sticks with me to this day. She told me that, no matter what, you've got to remind yourself that there is more good in the world than there is bad. I didn't really buy it at the time. I thought, how can that be?? How can there be more good than bad, when there is just so much bad? This question and answer session happened quite a while ago so I've had plenty of time to reflect on things. I'm not religious per se - but that's not to suggest that I don't believe in anything. Because I genuinely believe in compassion and ethical living and I believe in Mother Earth and the cosmos and the unconditional love animals show to humans even when they are mistreated. I believe in the power of good people, and I believe that there is more good in the world than bad.

I really want to prove to these companies that there is no need to harm animals, that people truly do care about corporate honesty and regard for the planet. I also want to showcase the amazing brands who make brilliantly high quality make-up without cruelty. We can still retain the freedom and creativity and the fun in makeup, fashion and glamour in a peaceful and kind way. You're welcome to join me on my journey to living the most kind and healthy version of myself - without sacrificing the glitter, the good food, or the lipstick. 

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