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This little online journal maps a peaceful path to conscious consumption.

It's a road I've been pursuing for a good few years now - ever since I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. Looking for transparency about what was going in and on my body led to a domino effect of questioning the ethical impact of other lifestyle choices too.

Indeed, I seemed to find myself slightly torn between my love for makeup/fashion + my love for the planet. Through trial + error, I've found a few ways to retain the freedomcreativity and fun in makeup, fashion and glamour in a peaceful and kind way.

I like to create content on...
  • cruelty free + vegan beauty
  • natural ingredients + clean cosmetics
  • sustainable fashion + secondhand / thrifting / upcycling
  • low waste living
With my blog + channel, I aim to show rather than merely tell, practice as opposed to just preach. I'm definitely not claiming to be a perfect consumer, I am just trying to be the best version of myself that I can be + damage the world as little as possible whilst still living the good life I have been given. The motto here is we do what we can where we can. We can't save the entire world's problems simply by using a reusable cup, but we sure as heck can try our best to do whatever possible to not contribute to the world's problems even more. 

Video is an undeniably powerful tool for behavioural change - in fact that's how I got into veganism in the first place, through watching videos. I make YouTube videos on my feelings + thriftings. Head on over + say hi if that sounds like your cuppa tea. 

You're welcome to join me on my journey to living the most kind and healthy version of myself - without sacrificing lipstick, good food or good times. 

Awards + recognition.

  • I was very kindly awarded Ethical Fashion Blogger in the Cruelty-Free Blogger awards, which you can read about here.
  • I also placed at number 20 on the Top 50 Cruelty-Free Makeup Blogs, which you can read about here.
  • Featured in a Harper's Bazaar piece on responsible consumption & beauty influencers, available to read online here.

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