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Christmas time! Mistletoe & wine! 

The most wonderful time of the year.

And also - quite frankly - one of the most wasteful times of the year...

To help you navigate the wave of gimmicky presents & useless tat that's on sale around Christmas, I've mustered up two handy gift guides featuring ethical options. 

For bigger - but still sustainable - gifts, check out my GIFT GUIDE video.

For smaller ethical gifts, check out my STOCKING FILLER GUIDE video.

For more info on the brands mentioned, just read on! 

Vegan Bunny 
Candles. Vegan, cruelty free, plastic free, natural soy wax, beautiful blends, comes in a canvas bag, such a lovely small business. veganbunny.co.uk

Skincare. Cruelty free, vegan, recycling scheme, bioplastic from sugarcane instead of virgin plastic for pumps/caps, female-founded, all round great simple skincare. bybi.com

Makeup. Cruelty free (Logical Harmony approved) with vegan options. Can purchase online or in M&S in the UK. pixibeauty.co.uk

Raw Halo
BEAUTIFUL vegan chocolate. Their Mylk & Vanilla is their best, the rest are nice but quite bitter. Slightly coconut milk-y but only very fainty. The texture is on point. Cadbury who? rawhalo.com

Divine Chocolate
Fair trade dark choc, palm oil free, available in Oxfam charity shops. divinechocolate.com

NOMO Chocolate
Vegan & gluten free choc that is getting a lot of hype on Insta at the moment. nomochoc.com

Makeup. Cruelty free (Logical Harmony approved) with a parent company, vegan options. Plastic packaging. Boooo. 

Faith In Nature
Shampoos & soaps. Available in Oxfam - do refills of cruelty free shampoos as well as solid shampoo/soaps. Love their lavender solid shampoo! Very hydrating and lathers so well. faithinnature.co.uk

Solid beauty bars. Vegan shampoo/deodorant/body wash/body butter/cleanser/serum. Palm oil free, plastic free, packaging free. Really good! Pick up one of their tester packs - great to allow the recipient to try four  tester-sized products to see if their work for them first. Available in Holland & Barrett or online at ethique.com

The Bam & Boo
Bamboo straws & toothbrushes. Better for the planet than plastic. thebamandboo.com

Dental care. Cruelty free electric toothbrush, solid toothpaste & solid mouthwash. May sound like a weird gift but I use & love their solid mouthwash - takes a while to get used to but works great & saves sooo much plastic waste. georganics.com

Own-brand products are cruelty free & labelled vegan where appropriate. superdrug.com

The Fine Match Box Company
Beautifully packaged luxury long matches. Look great on display and I get mine at thebotanicalcandleco.co.uk

Soy Candles. The brand name literally means 'Respect for all living things & avoidance of violence towards others'. Heck yeah. These candles are beautiful and smell amazing. Available at carmaldn.com.

Makeup. Cruelty free, extremely affordable, recently become 100% vegan! muastore.co.uk

Beauty & skincare. Vegan, cruelty free, natural & nourishing, this is one of my fav brands. I recommend their So Sleepy range, their body butters & lip products but pretty much everything is gorgeous. tropicskincare.com

Organic rum. Tastes great, really fresh & slightly botanical. Made in an organic distillery. copallirum.com

Coorie Curls
Vegan silk scrunchies. Really good quality & love the colour selection - I like the smaller sized scrunchies best. cooriecurls.com

Blends of essential oils. I use as room spray but designed as loo spray. My fav is the Lavender Vanilla one. poopourri.co.uk

Sustainable fashion brand based in Manchester. Blouses, knits, skirts, dresses, scrunchies & more. Lovely customer service & Reformation-esque pieces for a fifth of the price. I recommend. join-the-sisterhood.com

Skincare. Cruelty free (Logical Harmony approved) with a parent company, vegan options, use ocean-waste plastic with 'aims to be zero waste by 2021'. We shall see. renskincare.com

Teabags. Plastic-free, biodegradable, no artificial flavourings (happens a lot in other brands of tea!), donates to various charities to support those who pick their tea leaves. teapigs.co.uk

So Eco
Beauty tools. Vegan, made with bamboo/recycled materials, packaging  details are printed in vegetable inks, starch windows replace plastic windows & adhesives used are solvent free. Love their hairbrushes! Find them in TK Maxx or online at soinvogue.com

Flat Lay Co
Makeup bag. Not particularly ethical but super practical & a great idea. theflatlayco.com

Don't Send Me A Card
E-cards that donate to charity & reduce waste. dontsendmeacard.com

Eden Perfumes
Vegan natural perfume brand that dupes designer fragrances. Spot on dupes but not the most long wearing on the skin. I continue to purchase again & again though and my fav is the Prada Candy dupe. edenperfumes.co.uk

Elementary Scents
Vegan natural perfume, zero waste packaging, lovely small business, very long wearing on the skin for a natural brand elementaryscents.co.uk

Vegan natural perfume. Roll ons or sprays. More simple, one-note scents. pacificabeauty.com

This site is great to search for afternoon tea in the UK & allows you to search for vegan options https://afternoontea.co.uk/

Thanks for readin'!

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