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Organic Basics don't beat around the bush: 'The fashion industry is a dirty bastard'. 

Their words, not mine. 

And they're not wrong. The textile industry is responsible for masses of air, land & water pollution all over the world - and it's often the poorest of people who work in overseas factories that face the horrendous immediate side effects of this pollution. It's not uncommon for untreated wastewater from factories to flow into local waterways, harming aquatic life and contaminating local water supplies. Still, that's not to suggest that we worldwide won't feel the impact of our consumption choices when it comes to fashion. I'm not suggesting it's a far away problem just because many garments are produced overseas.

Consumption issues are everyone's problem. I have found that the more you educate yourself, the more overwhelmed & disillusioned you can feel. What used to be a mere transaction is increasingly becoming a moral dilemma. You pick a garment up & think, who made it? What material is it made out of? How was the material produced? Where this garment made? In what conditions?

It really is a minefield.

Thankfully, Organic Basics have been a breath of fresh air in my wardrobe. They make scandi-style sustainably and ethically made underwear & activewear that fits well, washes well & wears well. Every box: ticked.

They only work with factories that share their same vision of sustainability in fashion. These workplaces are free of harassment, forced labour, child labour, and ensure everyone employed is paid a fair living wage, with regular breaks & receives employee support in terms of things like childcare. Just as they should.

So the ethics of the brand is on point, the fit is spot on and the quality is just great. I highly recommend checking these guys out. One of the most common questions I get about sustainable fashion is in regards to where to get sustainable underwear & workout gear, so I figured I would review the pieces I've tried from Organic Basics. Although I champion secondhand shopping wherever possible, it's great to have firsthand options from a brand you trust just in case you can't find what you need secondhand.

I've tried 3 pieces in total and tested them for about three months - two of which were kindly gifted, the other I bought with my own moneys because the quality of the first two blew. my. socks. off. (if you'll pardon the pun).

Everything I've tried is from their SilverTech range - which is a range treated with Polygiene in order to stay fresher for longer. More wears between washes saves a lot of water over time. The SilverTech bits are made from 96% recycled nylon and produced using practises that conserve water, save CO2 pollution and prevent waste. Check out their Impact Index on their website for more info. In my experience, I can confirm that this fabric is truly breathable enough to wear and work out in 5+ times before it needs a wash. And that's coming from me! Sweaty Gonzales! Who doesn't even wear anti-perspirant! It's game-changing.


This really is one of the comfiest sports bras ever. I even wear it as a normal bra day-to-day a lot of the time... it's the perfect amount of support but doesn't have any seams or hard fastenings so doesn't dig in anywhere.

In terms of support, I would say it's a decent medium impact bra without being uncomfortably tight (I'm a B cup for reference).

This stays fresh when worn for multiple workouts throughout the week & doesn't leave sweat stains under the arms. It's these gritty details that you don't know you need to know until you do. Y'know?


First & foremost, these leggings work absolute ~magic~ for the butt. The lift & sculpt is almost applaudable. I know, I know, it's not necessarily about aesthetics with workout gear. But, hey! If you feel good in workout gear, you're probably more likely to workout more right? 

The functionality of these is just as brilliant. They are really well made, very comfy & are a true joy to exercise in. Something to note is I’m 5’3 [rather short] & they probably are a little too long for me as they crease slightly at the knees/ankles, but it’s not overly noticeable. 

This is very much the most I've spent on socks, ever. And yet, not one single regret. I know £24 for two pairs of socks sounds expensive, but when I think about high street brands like & Other Stories selling socks for £8 each, it's only £4 more per sock (sock maths xo). I'm more than happy to pay £4 more & support a sustainable brand.

Price aside, the quality of these are MINDBLOWING. Honestly, never did I think I would feel so passionately about a goddamn sock. But here I am! Giddy over my lovely lovely breathable socks from Organic Basics! That are still funky fresh even though I've wear them on 5 runs in a row before washing. I know you may be recoiling in disgust at that... I probably would have done too if I hadn't tried these before, but they just don't seem to hold smells & stay clean for a lot longer. I will obviously have to wash these soon, but I'm still very chuffed about how much water I'm saving.

Other little things I wanted to mention about Organic Basics is that I also really appreciate that there was absolutely no plastic in the packaging of the pieces. My items came packaged in a thin cardboard box [which admittedly was quite battered, but the item inside was pristine, wrapped in some tissue]. The tags were printed on cardboard & sewn with string directly into the garment - no plastic tags like you find on most clothes. It also means the piece is seamless & doesn't have itchy inner tags next to your skin. The washing instructions are printed directly onto the inside of the garment. Such a seemingly small touch, but imagine if every fashion brand in the world did these with every single garment they produced? How many small pieces of plastic we'd cut out? The mind boggles.

So yeah. I am an Organic Basics fan girl & I really look forward to investing in more pieces from them. 

Le code BECKYOBC will give ya 10% off until September 20th if you wanted to make a purchase. Shop here.

Love x


  1. Brands like Organic Basics give me hope! I love their underwear (so comfy) but I haven't tried any of their workout gear yet, I may have to take advantage of that discount code... xx


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