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Time to review a new skincare duo in my life! I've been going slightly skincare crazy at the moment - trying so many natural & vegan products and making sure that I give each a fair test but also not overwhelm my sensitive skin. It's a fine balance of trying new exciting stuff & not getting a rash heh heh.

I've also been taking body care a bit more seriously. Up until recently I really haven't moisturised my body (other than with fake tan) regularly at all. But I saw a comment the other day on someone else's page with words to the effect of 'You wouldn't neglect your face skin by not moisturising, so why is your body any different?'. They do have a point.

I started using the Osea Malibu Body Balm on and off & enjoyed it greatly - in fact I think I might need to do an entire bodycare video with all the lotions & potions I've been rubbing onto my bod of late. More recently I've been getting use out of these kindly gifted Saint Iris Adriatica hydrating body care products.

Brand Background
The concept of this brand is really quite cool - they make skincare that can also be used as bodycare! So their products come in slightly bigger bottles than you'd usually get skincare in - so that you can use them all over the body & not run out too soon. As someone who smothers their neck in serum, I tend to go through them rather quickly, so I was pretty stoked to test these out. I've been using their Serenity Salve (lotion-type-thing) and their Wake Up Droplets (serum).

It's interesting to think how many lotions & potions I put on my face, but don't really treat my body to the same luxury. It's definitely something I'm trying to get better at as we move into summer.

Saint Iris Adriatica as a brand is based on the idea of pursuing Fjaka - a Croatian antidote to busy city life & the stresses that come along with it. I'm massively simplifying here & I don't mean to offend anyone who knows more about this ancient term than myself, but it seems that Fjaka refers to a state of bliss which comes from doing what you love. It might sound a bit hippie-livin', but I actually think it's a lovely way to look at self-care & nourishing your skin - as a form of meditation.

They are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free with two vegan options (the two I'm reviewing now). Their other products contain organic honey extract.

Price Point
These bodycare bits are on the pricier side, but the bottles are a decent size & are in a lovely green frosted glass. Serenity Salve comes in 200ml (most of my serums come in 30ml) so it's in a suitable size for body use as well as on your face, without worrying about running out ridiculously quickly. Prices range from £29-£48. They are expensive but the quality of the products & packaging feel expensive.

The ingredients are natural as well as organic where possible. Saint Iris Adriatica use byproducts of the Mediterranean food industry to make certain products - like olive pips to use their olive butters. I love seeing this type of dynamic in the beauty industry because it reduces waste by making use of pulp/seeds/offcuts that would otherwise be thrown away. They also claim that the Dalmation Flower of Salts they use come from the most ornithologically diverse regions in the Adriatic.

The Wake Up Drops feel just like you'd imagine a serum to on the body.  Lightweight, hydrating and they sink in nicely to the skin - as does the Serenity Salve, which is more like a thin body lotion than the balm I was expecting from a product named a 'salve'. They both sink in quickly & leave the skin hydrated but not oily or sticky.

These aren't perfumed (thank god!) so they just smell of the ingredients they contain - fresh & natural. As well as being perfume-free, they are also free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates & propylene glycol.

Final Verdict
I really like the combination of these two - it's so convenient to have two products that you can smother over your face & body & that's your moisturising routine done. I love the look of the green glass bottles they're packaged in. I don't know any other skincare that's packaged like this? I'm a sucker for nice packaging and they look quite unique compared to the clear/brown bottles I'm used to in my skincare. Also, the glass packaging means they are more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles (although the pumps are of course plastic). Overall, I've really been enjoying using these. You don't realise that you need a body serum in your life until you use a body serum. There is no going back.

Shop here if you're interested! https://siadriatica.com/

Thanks for reading my sweets!

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  1. These sound lovely! I'm so lazy when it comes to body lotion that the idea of me using a serum is ludicrous, but it's very tempting xx