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I get kindly complimented on my winged eyeliner now & again - which I realised recently that I've been drawing on my face pretty much every time I wear makeup for the past 7 years or so. That's a big chunk of time... So not surprising that I'm a dab hand at it now. I've developed some handy methods that make this painstaking task of applying it a little bit less painstaking that I'm here to share with you.

I tend to prefer felt tip liner pens to other forms of liquid liner because I find they are the most forgiving in terms of making mistakes as well as being the easiest to use - they allow you to have good control over the line you're drawing. There are lots of vegan options at the drugstore, but my all time fav so far is this B. Defining Duo Liner - doesn't smudge, doesn't sting my eyes & applies really nicely. 

Here's a tutorial on how I draw a wing and my tips & tricks on how to make the flicks look even. I have quite small eyes so it's been a real learning curve on how to make my eyes look bigger through liner. Hope it helps! 

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