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I actually had no idea that Bondi Sands were cruelty free with vegan options up until recently! I love watching the YouTubers Sophia & Cinzia who are really into their fake tanning & they talk about this range all the time. Despite hearing good things about the Aussie brand, I hadn't twigged that Bondi Sands are cruelty free - but after some research & seeing that the lovely Vegan By Nicole lists them as a cruelty free brand on her blog, I was very intrigued to try their tanning products out (she knows her stuff!).

I'm naturally super duper pale and I usually use the Superdrug own-brand cheap-as-chips gradual tan which I love because it leaves your skin really soft and (obviously) with a tanned glow. However, I was kindly gifted this Bondi Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk to review, so here I am with my thoughts. How does this one compare?

Brand Background
Inspired by Bondi Beach, Bondi Sands are an Australian self-tan brand. They do not test on animals nor are they part of any market that requires animal testing. 

Price Point
It's currently available at Boots & Superdrug for £11.99.

Bondi Sands are not a natural brand & aren't listed on EWG so I can't vouch for whether it's a formula that's great for your skin. Originally this didn't irritate my sensitive skin - but I started to develop a rash / eczema-looking patches on my arms. Since I stopped using this, they seem to have gone. I wouldn't say it is sensitive skin approved (but I tend to be sensitive to parabens, which it contains).

The main selling point of this tan is how quickly it sinks into the skin. It applies really evenly with or without a mitt and absorbs within 10 seconds. This is much quicker than my old faithful Superdrug Gradual Tan - which by comparison takes about 4 minutes to fully sink in all over, leaving you naked and cold and not being able to touch anything for a bit. I love both, but if you're time short and want a quick fix, the Bondi Sands Gradual Tan is the way to go.

The colour builds to a nice and even tan - but a really really light colour. It's not the most intense tan I've used on one application, which I quite like as I think this is what gives it such a natural look. It takes about 3 days of applying before you reach a tanned tan (you know?). I've actually been complimented multiple times when I've been wearing this product - not necessarily a compliment I usually get, so it's been something I've noticed of late. It's almost like an olive undertone as opposed to an orange undertone? Very nice, slightly subtle - perfect for pale-skinned folk who want something subtle.

The Bondi Sands Gradual Tan lasts as long as a standard gradual tan does - but it fades really nicely. Not patchy at all, as gradually as it builds. My Superdrug tan fades a tiny bit more patchier than this one.

This gradual tan, hands down, without a doubt, smells like Calpol. To anyone who hasn't had Calpol before, it's a kids medicine that tastes like strawberry. Not a bad smell! But a nostalgic smell. It's not too strong once applied to the skin though and the typical 'fake tan' scent is quite light with this self tan as well.

Final Verdict
I've been going back & forth as to whether I really like this product if I'm honest. I think that the main selling points of the Bondi Sands Gradual Tan is that it absorbs SO quickly and builds really naturally - so I'd recommend to very pale skinned people who want a natural looking tan. I wouldn't recommend to anyone who wants something that looks intense within one day, because this takes a lot of time to build. It doesn't make your skin soft at all nor is it moisturising. If you still want it though, you can shop the Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tan on the Bondi Sands website here or shop the full range here.

Thanks for reading lovers xx

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