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Guess who's back. It's me. I'm back. Backer than before. 
How goes it my cruelty free friends? 

Big news is that I'm gonna be starting to post a little bit on here again. I kind of stopped after realising that, although I love makeup and speaking about make-up, I don't always love writing about makeup. Plus, I don't reckon that the majority of people like reading posts over watching videos, so I mostly stick to my YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to HERE heh heh, cheeky plug).

Nonetheless, it's much speedier to get info & content out on a blogpost, so I'll be putting some resources and thoughts on here as and when they come into my little head. I hope you enjoy reading them. I hope I enjoy writing them. Time will tell, ey...

Thank you as always!

Love yas xxx

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