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Kicking off Fashion Revolution Week 2019 with a sustainable spring-inspired lookbook. Long live secondhand shopping as an haulternative to first hand fast fashion. 

One of my favourite small skincare brands Evolve have reformulated their Radiant Glow Mask with upcycled blueberries from the food industry - a brilliant idea to reduce food waste + reuse a byproduct. I was invited along to get the low down in the vlog below - as well as show you what I ate in a day!

I actually had no idea that Bondi Sands were cruelty free with vegan options up until recently! I love watching the YouTubers Sophia & Cinzia who are really into their fake tanning & they talk about this range all the time. Despite hearing good things about the Aussie brand, I hadn't twigged that Bondi Sands are cruelty free - but after some research & seeing that the lovely Vegan By Nicole lists them as a cruelty free brand on her blog, I was very intrigued to try their tanning products out (she knows her stuff!).

I'm naturally super duper pale and I usually use the Superdrug own-brand cheap-as-chips gradual tan which I love because it leaves your skin really soft and (obviously) with a tanned glow. However, I was kindly gifted this Bondi Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk to review, so here I am with my thoughts. How does this one compare?

Now I know I go on about Tropic all the time, but I only do so because it really is one of my all-time favourite beauty brands. I'm not a Tropic Ambassador and I've never been paid to promote their stuff - but they truly know their stuff when it comes to vegan skincare. Plus, for those of us who struggle to fall asleep, their Sleepy Spray is the stuff of dreams (quite literally)...

However, up until now I had only been lusting over their skincare bits, but I'm os chuffed to say that they have just revamped their makeup line! I was kindly invited along to have a little peak at the range last week, picking up a couple of things that I thought I'd give you my initial impressions on. I'm planning on then following up with a review & demo video one I've tested them out properly and finalised my opinions on them!

Hey hEy HEY! I'm here today to review a whole load of Pai Skincare bits that I picked up towards the end of 2018. I had heard loads about this brand (I remember EssieButton raving about them for her dry skin back in the day!) and I was really excited to find myself in a LookFantastic sale wormhole. Got myself many a bargain!

Guess who's back. It's me. I'm back. Backer than before.