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So the newest coolest tanning brand on the block have branded their packaging with VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE - two phrases which aren't all that strictly regulated in terms of use as marketing terms. For this reason I felt a little bit of digging needed to be done. So here goes: are Isle of Paradise tanning products cruelty free?...

Here's what we know...

Do Isle of Paradise test on animals (either directly or via a third party)?

Do Isle of Paradise purchase from suppliers who test on animals?

Is Isle of Paradise independently owned or is it owned by a parent company?
Isle of Paradise is an independently owned company.

Do Isle of Paradise regularly get certification from your suppliers that they are not testing on animals?

Do you have any independant accrediation such as from The Vegan Society or BUAV/Leaping Bunny? If not, is this something you may look at getting in the future?
NO.  However they have expressed interest in pursuing these avenues. Feel free to tweet and message them to urge them to be listed either with one of these organisations or on Logical Harmony!

Do you currently or have you ever sold in China?

So there we go - Isle of Paradise appear to be cruelty free! How awesome. 

I also enquired about their packaging and whether they'd ever consider going plastic-free, to which they said that it is 'something we are definitely looking at. We are looking at various different options and trying to source the best long term solution'. This is encouraging to hear.

Has anyone tried anything from Isle of Paradise? I'm currently testing their Tanning Water in 'Dark' - I think I got the wrong shade for my pale ass lol, it's really lightweight and smells great but also can be super streaky. I'll have to keep testing and get back to you!


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