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Coming at you with a bit of a foodie post today ~ a fun review of this Vanilla Matcha Tea by The Matcha Reserve. They really really kindly sent this to me to give a go and I am so happy they did because I have been very much enjoying it as a replacement to my morning coffee. I've had matcha tea before, but the vanilla in this particular powder really lifts it and gives it an extra creaminess + sweetness. 

I find that this taste is a bit of a constrast to the taste of standard green tea, which I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of. I don't dislike it, in fact I used to drink it to excess a few years back [probably overdid a good thing, knowing me]. Despite the fact that I know it has lots of great health benefits, nowadays I find that green tea can be quite bitter. Using matcha powder instead [which is made by steaming, drying + grinding green tea leaves] means I can get the beneficial properties of green tea without the bitter taste. Winner.

I put one teaspoon of the matcha powder into a bowl and add a splash of below-boiling water. Then I take this funky bamboo whisk + draw a W motion really fast, which eventually forms a frothy foam on top. Then I add a little more water + dairy-free milk [my personal avourite being sweetened soya milk] and transfer to a mug to drink.

It's a much more subtle taste than coffee, but you can increase or decrease the concentration by increasing or decreasing the amount of matcha tea powder you use compared to milk. I reckon that this powder would also be AmAzING in baking. Sometimes I put a sprinkle on top of my cereal or toast for extra energy boost, but I also think it would go really well in a cake or in pancakes. 

I'm sure you're aware that green tea has loooads of health benefits, and since matcha tea is the finely ground powder of green tea leaves, it is more potent and therefore arguably has stronger beneficial effects. These health benefits include the fact that the leaves contain an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as giving you a more sustainaed and focused caffiene boost compared to coffee. As I've recently mentioned on my channel, I was having waaay too much coffee over exam season to get through my studies. It was leaving me really quite exhausted and my skin very dry and lacklustre. For this reason, I've been loving switching out regular lattes for matcha tea lattes :-)

I also love that the matcha in this product is organic because it is more gentle on your body and on the planet. However it is worth noting that the brand does not specify the nature of the origins of the vanilla flavour extract added to give the creamy taste. This is not guarenteed to be organic unfortunately, although it is only added in very small quanities.

If you want to know more about the health benefits of matcha, see The Matcha Reserve info here.

Do you drink matcha tea? Do you prefer using green tea or matcha powder? Let me know below!

If you're interested in The Matcha Reserve products, check their website out here. Thanks again to them for letting me try this wonderful vanilla goodness. I really do love it.



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