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Coming at you with a bit of a foodie post today ~ a fun review of this Vanilla Matcha Tea by The Matcha Reserve. They really really kindly sent this to me to give a go and I am so happy they did because I have been very much enjoying it as a replacement to my morning coffee. I've had matcha tea before, but the vanilla in this particular powder really lifts it and gives it an extra creaminess + sweetness. 

I find that this taste is a bit of a constrast to the taste of standard green tea, which I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of. I don't dislike it, in fact I used to drink it to excess a few years back [probably overdid a good thing, knowing me]. Despite the fact that I know it has lots of great health benefits, nowadays I find that green tea can be quite bitter. Using matcha powder instead [which is made by steaming, drying + grinding green tea leaves] means I can get the beneficial properties of green tea without the bitter taste. Winner.