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BEST OF 2017.

Pretty chuffed to say that I did lots of fun things in 2017. Part of these fun things was me eating lots of vegan goodness and trying many beautiful cruelty-free products. 

But, of course, there's a world outside to that of make-up, and my limited student budget still allowed me to travel + see new skies, which I'm really grateful for! I particularly fell in love with the vibe of Bruges in Belgium. Highly recommend hitting it up if you're visiting mainland Europe anytime soon. 

I also got to see the masterpiece that is Stan by Eminem played live. Seriously I'm low-key a big fan of the Slim Shady era, and it was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. The aftermath of this experience is pictured below. Back in Nottingham, I got to help Oxfam raise money via live music which was a great weekend. I really believe live music is undeniably one of the purest forms of magic on this planet, so the fact that it can be utilised to raise money for charity makes me very happy :-)

What else happened... oh most of my friends turned the big 2-1, so I got to celebrate their existence on this planet. Always good. I even ~almost~ won a game of Trivial Pursuit in July!! (I remember the date well) (Major emphasis on the almost because I am so bad at that game and I wasn't even in second place) (But I wasn't last place) (So? Kinda counts?).

In addition to all this fun stuff, I got to share a lot with you beautiful people! For this reason, I wanted to pop in and say that if you kindly watch my channel or follow my cruelty-free endevours, thank you with all my heart. Seriously. It really is so kind of y'all to send me so many encouraging messages and leave sweet recommendations + comments to each other and to myself. I owe a lot to your support + friendliness, and I want to say the biggest warmest:   t h a n k    y o u.

Thanks again my friendz. ALL THE LOVE!