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As you probably know by now, I am a huge fan of secondhand shopping. It's a great way to reuse preloved pieces and reduce your environmental impact (all the while saving dollar!). However, one of the questions I get asked most from people looking to shop more consciously is: Where do we shop for underwear? 

The lovely EcoBeautyCrew hit me up with some goodies + I tried them out on camera! Click here to check it out, and definitely have a look at EcoBeautyCrew for your natural + vegan beauty needs.

I've been a pretty confused as to whether Soap & Glory are truthfully cruelty free for a while now. Although some people say that they are a CF brand, I was having trouble finding actual evidence online. So, naturally, I took it upon myself to find out straight from the horse's mouth. And what an adventure I have had...

Coming at you with something a little different today: cruelty free condoms. And funky ones at that As I say, not my usually vegan makeup gig, but I'm all for encouraging safe + sensible sex so I thought it important to share!

My beloved cruelty-free retailer Superdrug have only gone and created a new range of health + wellness products. The products are for the gym bunnies and fast paced busybodies of the world. Sound pretty cool right?