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To answer the blog title question, in quite literal terms: no. You cannot wear leather as a vegan. This is because, by very definition, veganism requires that you do not eat or use animal products. Simple as. 

So yeah, that's that. 

Hello kind people.

I'm doing a lil giveaway with one of my fav brands Tropic. They do some banging products from skincare to makeup so check them out online if you're in the market for some vegan and natural goodies.

The lovely Linsdsey from Velvet Report sells sweet beauty boxes + they are all vegan. Apart from the polaroid (who knew polaroids aren't vegan?! Something to do with the film...).

I was kindly sent a box to review (but ended up paying £30 in customs charges anyway, so it wasn't a free endevour! I definitely recommend the box for US shipping only, otherwise it's far too pricey.).