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Ever since I've been trying to avoid shopping fast fashion, I often get asked about where to shop for ethical clothing when it comes to swimwear and underwear. Luckily I came across the Brighton-based brand Ruby Moon who have a cool selection of sustainably crafted bikinis and swimsuits.

The swimwear is created from old fishing nets and other waste, which means that their designs produce 42% less emissions compared to other high street and mass produced swimwear, as well as simultaneously using up materials that would otherwise end up in landfill or litter our oceans. They are also hot on transparency and fairness in their supply chain. Good stuff.

A little bit of background info on the brand themselves: they're a non-profit fashion company who support and empower women across the globe by lending out a portion of their profits as small loans. These funds help women with a business concept get their idea off the ground and increase their household income - amazing right?! I'm always here for the emancipation of women and giving them the chance to work (if that's what they want to do!) and needless to say I absolutely love this corporate social responsibility side to the business.

The style I opted for is the 'Black & Pink Reversible Bikini', which was sent to me for blogging purposes and I thought it would be something you guys would be interested in. It is the most basic and suited to me, but they have loads of more colourful and psychedelic options as well. Prices range from £40 to £60, which may sound pricey but in all fairness is around the price of a two piece from Topshop or somewhere similar on the high street. They also gave me the code BECKYRM17 for a whopping 20% off at their etsy store. I would definitely recommend this swimsuit for avid swimmers or gym goers, as the designs of the activewear are pretty basic but the quality is amazing. The only thing I would say is I would recommend sizing up if you are interested as I got a size medium and am usually a size 10 on top and a 12 on bottoms and the bottoms are a TINY bit too tight. Still wearable, but do bear in mind that their sizings seem to run a little small.

If you have any questions, let me know! What's your favourite ethical fashion brand? 


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