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Truth is, being vegan has never been easier because we have so many amazing substitutes and just as many incredible and easy recipes being developed alongside them. I'm not much of a recipe follower, I've been cooking for myself for years (ever since I first went veggie at 15) and my style of cooking is just go with the flow and hope for the best. But naturally it's also nice to get some inspiration from others from time to time.

This is not specific to veganism, but sometimes general life and busyness means you get a bump in the road of inspiration. For example, I just had a bowl of boiled veg with bread and jam for my lunch.... #foodinspo. Whenever someone asks me for recipe recommendations, I usually just tell them to head to one of these  channels because they can show you a lot better than I can tell you...

Her channel name suggests she'd make beauty content, but the majority of her videos are vegan What I Eat in a Day style videos. I introduced her channel to my non-vegan friend and now she's as hooked as I am, praising the originality and creativity of her recipes. They are very simple and mainly wholefoods - so very healthy as well as plant-based. If you follow one blog or channel from this list, make sure it's this one!

Lauren & John make some awesome videos with even more amazing recipes. They do themed challenges as well as meals made from leftovers hanging around - no waste here. A lovely couple with some great ideas.  They are also coming out with a cook book soon as well! Roll on February 2018. 

These guys are so enthusiastic about food that it's infectious. They're actual professionals and have been chefs for many years. They cook plant-based dishes with as little fat as possible, which is great if you are aiming for a high-carb, low-fat vegan diet. I recommend watching their biscotti creation, a true italian beauty of a biscuit, and a personal fav. 

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Canadian vegan who makes really easy treats with simple ingredients that are relatively quick to put together. She does use substitutes quite a lot, so bear that in mind. Probably best for vegans who have a well-stocked dairy-free pantry.

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What it says on the tin really, cheap and easy vegan recipes. Snack ideas, vegan hacks, travelling videos and more. Ideal for the lazy vegan in all of us.

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So there are some of my long-time favourites. I hope that you check them out and get some inspiration! What are your favourite vegan channels or blogs? I would love to hear!



  1. Thanks for the tips Becky! xx

    1. You're very welcome! Hope you get a little inspo from these guys! Xxx

  2. great list, i love the happy pear, these irish twins are amazing, funny and inspiring.