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I'm not going to tell you where to shop, but here are some facts about the big fast fashion brands I have hanging around in my wardrobe to give you an idea of their ethics. Across the board, these big name brands struggle to give complete transparency, as found by Fashion Revolution Transparency Index, meaning that they are not communicating their supply chain nor their performance on social & environmental issues clearly. Sure, some brands came out better on this index than others, but that doesn't make a lack of clarity and honesty acceptable. It must also be remembered that the nature of fast fashion is that it is, well, fast. The clothes are made to be thrown away after minimal use - and it happens on a colossal scale. By nature these brands are not likely to be sustainable in the slightest. Click here to see my video addressing the cruelty in my wardrobe. For references on the topics talked about in this video, check out this brand breakdown...

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