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I have been thinking a lot recently about how much I love clothes and I've also been thinking a lot about why it is that I do.
It's kind of conflicting, because on the one hand, clothes are indulgent purchases that cause damage to the environment through their production and transport, and yet, on the other hand, I truly believe that they are a key aspect of how we become ourselves, how we change and grow into the people we truly are inside and how we decide to share that with the world around us.

We can't change the way we look. This is fact. Unless, of course, you have the $$$ and you wish to go under the knife (to which I say, you do you!). But if not, you are pretty much stuck with the skin you were born into. Sitting inside and looking out, with other people looking in without really looking in at all. It's strange. 

Because at the end of the day, it is pretty much a worldwide genetic lottery that we are all entered into without ever really consenting - and I think that's why I find it strange to judge someone on the features of their face. Why the compliment of 'you're so pretty!' in itself is also strange and why a 'thank you' in response is just as strange. It's nice, sure, but is it fulfilling? Is something left to chance really something to be praised for? I don't know. Strange to judge anything at all, really. I suppose that nice things to look at are nice to look at. And that's that.

But even though we don't choose our features, we do choose how to dress and how to present ourselves. Clothes, in essence, are escapism - in the way that all creative endevours are escapism. Music, art, film - all little worlds we form from ourselves and present to everyone else, and there is power in that which shouldn't be overlooked. Slipping into a satin dress or putting on a pearl necklace may be just as powerful as performing a hard-hitting poem, finally finishing that watercolour painting, or even directing your own feature. They may seem unrelated, but it's all the same magic, just in different forms. 

It's true, you can't change the way you look (apart from the help of a little eyeliner and tinted lips). Yet at the same time, you can change the way you look by what you choose to wear. Enter: fashion. Fashion is amazing and I love it deeply. I love how you can get a glimpse of someone's self and taste from just a glance at their outfit. How we can each change our vibe day-to-day and display the many pieces of ourselves that make us, us. The outward projection of somebody else's inner self, as the person sitting inside becomes the person on the outside. & I think that's why it captures our hearts and why it's such a dominant force in the world we know today. Style, tastes, looks. They are everywhere and across all cultures and identities. Humans all over the world decorating themselves in order to say something to the people around them. Ain't that something.

And that, my friends, is why I love clothes. It's also why I don't think that it is superficial to love clothes. To love fashion is a deep-rooted love for self-expression and creativity. What could be superficial about that?

Consumption is superficial. Expression is essential. 


  1. Such a lovely post! Fashion and makeup are definitely something we can choose,..and have fun with, we can wear it to be bold like an armour, or use it to comfort us and make us feel safe. It is a shame the world is rather fickle though when it comes to judging people.
    H x

  2. Beautifully written article. I feel so conflicted about fashion and the way that I present myself, and sometimes I think if I could just figure out how I wanted to look my whole life would sort itself out. (An exaggeration, of course, but you get the idea. Fashion is stressful for me.) I'm appalled at what consumerism has done to the fashion industry and the effect that it has on the world, and there's a rebellious part of me that wants to scream, "F*CK YOU!" to the system and refuse to wear anything but jeans and a gray crew neck just to make a point. But at the same time, I feel the need/pressure (I'm not sure which?) to curate a style to make an impression. I don't know...I'm confused about the whole mess. Should I keep wearing my jeans and gray shirts, or go for the frills? How do I find my style, and what if I don't have one? Is my uniform a statement or a prison?