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Itchy scalp. It's not exactly the nicest topic of conversation, but hey, it's a fact of life for many of us. I've mentioned before that my scalp is super sensitive and can be aggravated really easily, and that last year was a real struggle trying to find hair products that wouldn't have me itching my head like crazy. Luckily for me, this Trichology range by Superdrug had me covered. And so, like an olympian passing on the torch, I am here to pass on my thoughts on this scalp-soothing range unto you.

BRAND Superdrug own-brand.
CRUELTY-FREE Yes. All Superdrug own-brand products are Leaping Bunny certified, and clearly labelled if they are vegan or vegetarian. Amazing.
PACKAGING Kinda standard, but sturdy packages. 
PRICE Very affordable. The shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo are all £3.99 each and are often on special offer/half off. Also, the dry shampoo frequently comes free with the other two (but otherwise is £3.99). There is also a hair tonic in the range, which I haven't yet tried.
SCENT OK so it's here that I think some people may be turned off from the range. They all have a similar scent that smells a little medicinal and it lingers on the hair after it's been washed off. I don't mind the smell at all however. They describe it as being lime scented, if that gives you an idea.
PROS Really healed my achin' scalp. We have a laugh and a joke, but in reality an irritated scalp can be really really raw and uncomfortable, and I was not having a great time. Using the shampoo & conditioner together was so soothing and calming and actually healed my scalp after about four uses, which I wasn't expecting. This means I can now use other (gentle) products and don't react badly to them. I would highly highly recommend this range if you too are suffering a little with an itchy head. I will definitely repurchase these time & time again to ensure I have ammo in my arsenal for future disasters. I don't think I was massively suffering with dandruff so I can't really vouch for whether it helps with dandruff, but the reviews on the site praise it for doing so. All round, it's a yes from me - and if you have a dry scalp, it should be a yes from you too.
CONS Maybe the scent for some people, but as I say, for me it's not a big deal and I've had friends smell it to get their opinion and they agree it is not a bad scent at all.


Do you too have an itchy-ass scalp? What do you use to control itI want to hear all the nitty-gritty detail about the skin on your head.



  1. Just bought this as a cruelty free alternative to Head and Shoulders, glad to know you found it beneficial! Thanks x