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BREAKING NEWS! I was casually surfing Naturisimo.com (my favourite green and natural beauty product site) and what do I see? 100% Pure listed as a brand they now distribute! To celebrate this momentous occasion, here are my top picks of what's available, and what to avoid.

To be honest, there's no indication that the brand is actually a new addition to the site, but I am always lurking and looking at natural products available on Naturisimo and I've never seen them listed before, so am pretty sure they are new. It looks as if the Naturisimo site lists them for a tiny bit more money than the actual 100% Pure site, but of course by ordering from a UK site you won't have to pay for pesky customs. Most products seem to be around £2 more expensive. Considering you'd have to wait for over a week and pay around £11 for international customs before receiving your package, I know which site I would rather place my order with. The only bummer is that they don't hold all of the 100% Pure range, but hopefully with time they'll expand the range available. Here are my most and least favourite products from them (NB: I only included those which are available on Naturisimo - if you're interested in my overall favs then I can do a video on that!)...

Luminous Primer. Really gentle and glowy on the skin. Silicone-free and nicely lightweight too. Prolongs the wear of makeup nicely.
Healthy Fruits Foundation. The most like a regular liquid foundation in the natural beauty world I've ever found. Mine has lasted me ages and I wear it all the time. Will definitely repurchase once mine eventually runs out. 

Brightening Concealer. I talk about why I don't like this in this here in this dissappointing products video. Essentially, it's very very dry and doesn't last well on the skin. It was just a massive miss for me. Would not recommend.
Long Last Liquid Eyeliner. This is much too watery for my liking. The packaging is pretty but doesn't give you much control. I mean it's okay - but definitely not my favourite by any means and I wouldn't repurchase in a hurry.

Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick. These look so creamy and beautifully pigmented. I've heard such great things and hope to get my hands on one at some stage.
Foundation Powder. I'm really into using a foundation powder to set my makeup at the moment in order to give me extra coverage. I'm leaning towards the Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation, but this one looks really quite nice as well.

So there are my hits & misses! I am also after their new Hair Serum as well as the 2nd Skin Concealer. I hear that it's a lot better than the original one, but these two products are currently only on the official site. As I say, hopefully more products will become available in time, we shall see.

Got any favourite 100% Pure products? Well keep them to yourself because I'm already spending too much on the brand as it is. Heh heh, just kidding. You can never spend too much on makeup. 


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  1. Ah lovely post, I’m so glad I spotted it on your blog. The 100% Pure brand is super intriguing, so I was thrilled to hear they are in stock on Naturisimo. I already shop through Naturisimo quite a bit but had never noticed 100% Pure while browsing before, I’ll have to pop over again sometime soon. The foundation you mentioned sounds nice, I struggle to find a good natural pick. The nail varnish colours are gorgeous as well. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog