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So it's no secret that I struggle with under eye bags to an irritating degree. Doesn't matter if I get 2 hours sleep or 12 hours sleep, they will be there. Just chilling. Hanging out. To quote Alex Turner, I often find myself hanging on by the rings around my eyes. It's a struggle. But it's managable. There are massages and treatments you can do to reduce puffiness of eyebags and concealers which cover the blueness of said bag pretty effectively. These little eye masks from 100% Pure are one of the tools in my kit.

BRAND 100% Pure.
PRICE £5 each, or a pack of five for £19. Then of course postage if you live in the UK.
SCENT A little plastic-y, but inoffensive and other than that they are scentless.
PRODUCT These are a beautiful bright green colour and you get one set of eye strips in each pack. The masks are made of aloe water and plant cellulose and come swimming in a clear liquid which contains lots of clean and certified organic ingredients (see below for those that are and aren't). 
INGREDIENTS Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Green Coffee, Organic Yerba Mate Tea, Cucumber Hydrosol, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Hylauronic Acid, Plant Cellulose.
HOW TO USE On clean dry skin, pop these under your eyes (very complicated procedure, see pictures below for assistance). They adhere nicely to the skin but change in shape and become thinner as time goes on as the ingredients sink into the skin. Leave them on for as long as you see fit (usually 20 mins) and then finish with the rest of your routine - eye cream or make up or both. Can be used daily. 
RESULTS These reduce the puffiness, but I don't see them reduce discolouration. I'm not sure if it's the cooling action that eliminates eye bags and whether a cool cloth would do the exact same thing, but they are really quite fun to use and seem to do a good job! Would make a perfect little present or stocking filler.

So there you have it. I'm not going to lie and say they are a magical cure to tired eyes, but they definitely make a little difference as you can hopefully see by the pictures.

Have you tried these out? What did you think of them? Lemme know! 

(N.B. I always have to pay customs when I order from the US based brand as I'm based in the UK. It's usually about £11 no matter what I purchase. Please bare this in mind before making an order!)


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