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I shop for clothes mostly second hand now. I'm definitely not perfect, but am trying my hardest to be a little bit more gentle on the planet. Imagine if we all shopped primarily second hand instead of through fast fashion sites and stores? Not only would small businesses/charity shop sales boom, over time we would ease the strain on the environment by reducing the impact of production processes and transport emissions. I recommend watching The True Cost on Netflix. It's a real eye-opener on everything from the importance of organic cotton to worker's rights. Give it a watch and feel awakened. Seriously.


Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro - Nottingham & various other cities.

Hopkinson Vintage - Nottingham.

Cow Vintage - Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham & Liverpool.

Braderie - Nottingham & ASOS Marketplace.

Brick Lane - London.

Camden Market - Camden, London.

Columbia Road Market - East London.
*this place is also a lovely day out when the flower market is on, so make sure you head down on a Sunday from 8am.*

Portabello Road Market - Notting Hill, London.
*the market is mainly antiques but has some stand-alone stores on the high street that specialise in fashion. Again, a nice area and day out. Farm Girl Cafe is nearby and serves awesome food!*



Kilo Sales (various cities - check your local SU if you're a student).

Car Boot Sales.

Jumble Sales.

Charity Shops. 

Depop app.

Where's your favourite place to shop second hand?



  1. I used to be obsessed with charity shops and car bots and my whole wardrobe was full of second hand stuff. Recently though, the shops in Brighton have got so so expensive it's cheaper to go on depop. Loved the video BTW xxx

    1. Some places are so cheeky and put prices up so much :-( But yes I love Depop!! So many amazing finds on there. Thanks so much :-) xxx

  2. Thank you for this post - I am always looking for new vintage places to shop at. One day I really hope to get to Camden market! I think that the world is becoming very wasteful unknowingly and it is having some devastating effects on the planet. I definitely wasn't as aware as I am now of where my clothes came from or who made them, and I think it is so important to actually consider this. The message you are spreading is brilliant!!! xxxxx