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So as you may know, I'm on the hunt for a go-to vegan & cruelty-free perfume. I am a fan of musky, woody, sweet (but not sickly), deep and unqiue scents. I'm no expert but I do typically like scents with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, spice and the like.

I came across this brand on Etsy and really liked the look of them, but wasn't sure whether I wanted to spend £30 on a perfume I may not like at all. So I decided to pick up a sample set to try out. The set includes 1ml samples of four tea-inspired fragrances. They are alcohol-free and made out of blended essential oils. Each sample has enough for about 5 applications.

BRAND Ravenscourt Apothecary.
PRICE £10 for sampler pack (4 x 1ml), £30 for full sized (80g).
PACKAGING Beautifully packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with an old style perfume bottle printed on the front. 
SCENT Scent by scent:  Vanilla Rooibos: sweet, spicey and deep. Green Tea: clean, green and grassy. Lapsang Souchong: green and smoky. Earl Grey: citrusy and clean.
LASTING POWER Pretty good. Because these are oil-perfumes you have to apply them directly to the skin. I usually dab onto the neck and wrist areas and I can smell it on me for a full day.
PROS Lovely rustic packaging, handmade products, quick response to any queries, vegan and cruelty-free. The vanilla scent is definitely my favourite. All scents are alcohol-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.
CONS  The fact that these are oils means you can't spritz yourself with them, which is kind of what I'm after when it comes to finding my go-to perfume. But, of course, that's just the nature of the product and not a fault.

I'll just make it clear now that, whilst I don't have £30 to spare at the moment, I am going to need to get the full sized Vanilla Roobois scent at some stage in the . It's so dreamy and spicy and wintery and not sickly at all. I'm such a big fan and would highly recommend checking out their Etsy store or website. Good stuff.


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  1. These sound lovely! The packaging is beautiful too xxx