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Hey all.

So this just in: I love food. I love it.

In honour of how much I truly do love it, I'm starting a new series in which I share my findings in the hunt for vegan goodies in and around Nottingham. I've aptly named said series vegan in nottingham. Hope you guys can decode the hidden message.

I may also start doing the same in London (although my beloved LDN is a little bit more pricey in comparison. And by a little, I mean a lottle. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Student life. Crippling debt. Unattainable house prices. 70p for a bloody banana from Pret. A truly terrifying Halloween and all that.)

ANYWAY, for now I'll just be roaming the streets of Notts in search of the best cruelty-free grub up for grabs.


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