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WHERE?    The cool part of town - slap bang in the hustle of Hockley. Namely: 12 Heathcote Street, NG1 3AA.

WHAT?    I've only been to Jam Cafe the one time. It was the morning after the night before and we ordered very wisely, going with a killer vegan full-english breakfast. It was possibly the best I've ever had. Just take a look at that monster homemade hashbrown pictured below. My pal ordered herself a plate of pita & houmous. 

Admittedly, the cafe itself is slightly out of the centre of town, but it's easy to access and a bit quieter than some. The decor is retro and has European vibes. The staff were friendly too. I think they double up and put on DJ events in the evening. Food wise, I would recommend Jam to hungover vegans everywhere. Visit their website and take a peak at their concise brunch menu jamcafe.info


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