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So this new haircare range by Jen Atkin (hair stylist to the stars inc. Kim K herself) has been somewhat of a big deal in the beauty blogosphere. I contacted the company to see if they are cruelty-free and/or have any vegan products for sale, and here is what I found.

They're cruelty-free! Woohoo! They do not sell in china, do not hire any third parties to test for them and all of their products are also animal-free and safe for use by vegans (all except their finishing creme, which has beeswax in).

I am no pro at hair styling nor am I all that knowledgable about hair products but, regardless, here are a few words on the products I've tried & tested from the range...

I use this wave spray like a texturising spray. It sprays with a fine mist and I have to say it does smell a lot nicer than the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray that I had previously been using on my hair. It gives the hair grip for styling and leaves it with body and bounce but without the stiffness. It's really easy to use and hard to go over-board with - just make sure you spray from a good few inches away. If this had heat protectant in, it would be an all-rounder.

Growing up, my mum always used cheap hair mousse from Poundland (sorry Ma) so my only past experiences with hair mousse have been a) sticky and b) uncomfortable. You can tell this mousse is high quality - it gives the hair a bounce and hold without making the texture crispy. I'm still not 100% sold on using mousse as part of my haircare routine, but this product held the hair in place longer than the wave spray - a good few hours - however is less buildable and less convenient to reapply. 

Which one is better out of the two? I've said before that I would recommend the wave spray over the mousse, but really it's all down to what you need personally and whether you'd prefer to reapply or not. We're all different and that is the magic of being a human being. You do you.

Watch these products in action here.

Pictures to come soon. 

Thanks for reading!


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