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This may not come as a massive surprise, but Max Factor are not cruelty-free. The first obvious hint that this is the case is that they are owned by P&G (a massive conglomeration who aren't exactly animal-friendly).

The second hint is that they openly admit to testing on animals when required by law (and they sell in China - a country who require animal testing by law). It's therefore safe to say that they are NOT cruelty-free, and my personal correspondence with the company only confirmed this. They also confirmed that they use animal derived ingredients - including fatty alcohols, gelatin, glycerine, hydrolysed collagen, keratin amino acids & tallow glycerides. They also deny seeking to join the Leaping Bunny Programme, which I feel is conclusive comfirmation that they are not too bothered about animal welfare.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Boo to you, Max Factor.


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