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I improvised slightly with this one but it worked out pretty well! Tofu can be a bit scary to work with if you don't know how to prepare it but it's really not that intimidating. This was really quick, easy and can be made accordingly to your personal taste - would also work great as a dairy-free hangover cure. Give the recipe a gander and try it yourself if you're brave enough.

- Bread (duh.)
- Extra Firm tofu.
- Veggies (I used celery, tomato & red pepper.)
- Spices (I used curry powder, cumin & smoked paprika.)
- Pinch of chili powder.
- Sea salt
- Cracked black pepper

- Dice the veggies and sweat in some oil or a little bit of water in a medium pan on medium heat.
- Drain your tofu and add to pan.
- Add salt and spices to taste and cook for around 12 minutes.
- Serve on toasted bread.
- Top with your choice of greens and/or sauce.
- Eat and enjoy.


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