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To all of the haters and nay-sayers out there: you're wrong, the Kardashians do have talent. That talent just happens to come in the form of cookie stacking.

In case you didn't catch it, Khloe Kardashian recently took to her super-shiny bestselling new app to show the world her placing biscuits into a glass jar nice and neatly to act as a centre piece in her kitchen. (Spoiler alert, it's actually a little bit of a cop out because she doesn't even FILL the jar with Oreos. She only stacks them around the edges to give the illusion that it's full. We see what you're doing Khlo.)

Obviously she's got a few bob from the Kardashian Kollection empire along with her reality shows and new talk show, so she can afford to buy copious amounts of sweet treats only to clear them out and redo them with fresh cookies each and every month. However, the insane waste of food (although it is ridiculous) is not what bothers me here. It's more a problem with her description of what she's doing. Because just when you're starting to get bored of this 5 minute cookie stacking video, there she goes with a chuckling, "You say OCD is a disease, I say it's a blessing!".

Alarm bells. 


But hey, when I heard her say it once, I was willing to let it go. Not everybody lives their life 100% PC all of the time, I get that. Yet the unfortunate fact of the matter is that this is not a one-time thing. She's described herself as having OCD many times and recently again on her talk show, even creating the phrase KHLO-C.D. How inventive and cute, right? 

Let's do a little crash course shall we. Firstly, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a DISorder. It's not you being orderly, it's not you being tidy and making lots of neat lists and folding up your clothes and stacking biscuits for display. These type of things we all exhibit now and again (hell, even I have a thing with turning off light switches) and they can be classed as Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies. But the disorder is so much deeper than just little kooky traits and mannerisms. Those with OCD have pretty much no control over these things. It's a torture I can't even imagine. It must be all-engulfing and overwhelmingly frightening. It's an anxiety DISORDER, and a lot of the time, those who suffer with OCD are not happy. It can ruin people's lives. The anxiety builds up and the obsessions that sufferers experience become so overbearing that the repetitive compulsions are the only way to alleviate that anxious discomfort.

To not be able to get away from thoughts that all you want is to get away from; to be in and out of hospital; to get strung out on the smallest task - tell them that it is a 'blessing'.

Now there's even a hashtag being encouraged and endorsed by her twitter account to go along with it. #KhloCD. A hashtag, a trend, a mockery. I know that we live in an age where everybody is seemingly offended by everything, but I feel like this is so unnecessary, uneducated and just all round disrespectful. It makes me angry.

Angrier even because I actually do think Khloe is a sweet person and I'm really not here purely to bash her. KUWTK is my guilty pleasure that I don't even feel guilty about anymore and I think Khloe is the most entertaining out of the clan. She has seen her fair share of horror in her life, and I don't think she is a bad person, but I do think she is poorly educated in this area. I think that we all are. Mental health issues are exploding on an epidemic scale. Wake up.

Stop trivialising and making light out of something which literally ruins peoples lives. Stop making a joke and a pun out of something you do not understand. If you don't know the torture and the terrible niggling at the back of your head, you certainly do not have the right to use those three letters out of context. You may have the body, and the clothing range, the bestselling app/book/cosmetics, but you do not have the right to use OCD out of context. That is not yours to have.

I feel that her as a TV personality using this term completely incorrectly is not an isolated event. This is just symbolic of an entire global issue of not taking mental health seriously. It is serious. It deserves respect. If you make a joke based on somebody's misery, think about the effects for people thinking about seeking help for their disorder. There is already so much stigma with mental health, why add to it? This trivialisation on such a wide scale to a young and (most likely) female audience is even more damaging because it almost makes it seem a stylish and cool thing to say. Oh look how interesting and quirky I am! Look how OCD I am! It's not even an adjective!!!! It's not something you are, it's something you have. Saying "I am OCD!" suggests that is all that you are. Sufferers have a disorder, but they are a human being with the human right to be respected and supported.

People can lose their life from being unwell in the head, just the same as people who are physically unwell. It really does make my blood boil because it shows no respect and is just plain offensive. You wouldn't crack a joke about someone with failing kidneys, so why do it to someone who has a poorly mind? We're talking about something that causes extreme discomfort, and she has labelled it a 'blessing'. We need to be teaching people about these things so that more people understand the term. We need to call out these uneducated quips and show empathy and respect so that people feel safe to speak out about the disorder. Essentially, we need to support people suffering with mental health and help them seek help, not ridicule the illness.

Khloe is never going to read or see this, but I tell you now that if I ever meet her I'm going to knock over her glass jar and watch the 50+ cookies fall into the empty middle section. I don't mess about Khloe. You should have filled the entire thing. And you should NOT use the term 'OCD' out of context.

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