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Let me just start with a disclaimer that I can just about manage a pony tail and a simple plait, but other than that, I'm in foreign territory. Even though hairstyling is not my forte, you can't take an interest in editorial fashion without knowing who Oribe are as a brand. They've styled the best of 'em: Kate Moss, J-Lo, Cara, etc. Working both on set and the runway, they have an aesthetic of glamour and put-together-ness, without being too overdone and unattainable. Their Dry Texturizing Spray really is the stuff of legend.

But singing their praises aside, are they cruelty-free? I found out...

YES THEY ARE. Woohooooo. Celebrate good times. Here's what the lovely Mark had to say about their products...

"Yes Oribe is 100% vegan. No, we do not test on animals, endorse animal testing and/or source ingredients from companies that do. No, we don't sell in China, and don't have any plans to sell in China."

Building on this, it seems that (despite clearly defining what 'vegan' means) some of their products have lanolin and beeswax in. Very confusing. I have followed up requesting a vegan list. *Stay tuned*

However, Oribe is going on my Cruelty-Free list! Thanks Oribe, keep doing what you're doing and not harming animals.


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    1. That's really bizzare?? I'm going to double check their products right away, but that's really odd that their service would tell me otherwise (considering I clearly stated what 'vegan' meant). Thank you so much for letting me know, I really appreciate it. Xxx

  2. HI.
    Have you had any answer on how a product can contain lanolin and remain cruelty free?