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EDIT: This was posted before I decided to try to avoid fast fashion. I still like the style of these pieces, but did not buy any in the end. To see why I was put off by this collection in particular click here, to find out why I'm avoiding fast fashion click here. Also, the quality of the pieces was really poor overall. Not cool. But if you still wanna read my ramblings, here goes...

'Nobody wants a real job anymore. Everybody wants to be Alexa Chung.'

Yeah, I wouldn't say no. The model turned presenter turned designer also has her name behind major campaigns and brand collabs - AG Jeans, Eyeko and Nails Inc to name but a few. Beyond make-up lines and TV appearances, she also starred in the hugely popular Future Of Fashion YouTube Series for British Vogue. Articulate, humble and witty, I admire her advances in the business world as well as just swooning over her personality in general. Of course I can't help but point out that it helps if you're dead slim with a face carved by angels and velvet-clear skin, but she's conquered many realms of fashion, beauty and journalism here and across the pond, and for that I applaud her. Besides which, she really does seem like a genuine and lovely lady. 

The praise keeps on coming from me though, as she has also released a line with Marks And Spencer, in which she has taken a poke at old M&S classics and released them under the nifty title Archive By Alexa. I first read about this capsule release in a paper on the tube and was instantly interested. At the risk of sounding like a premature granny, I love M&S. Putting myself at an even greater risk, I mainly love it because (although pricey for a student) the quality of the clothes together with the longevity of the pieces is really worth the price point. Needless to say I am dead excited about this project. Here are my personal favourite picks from the range...


I may or may not have gone and made myself a teeny tiny order to get me few of the pieces. Maybe. Hey, Alexa's stamp of approval is pretty convincing - and who cares that I have neither the long legs nor the effortless chic to pull these looks off. I've said it before and I'll say it again: is there anything this girl can't do?!

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