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Let me just start with a disclaimer that I can just about manage a pony tail and a simple plait, but other than that, I'm in foreign territory. Even though hairstyling is not my forte, you can't take an interest in editorial fashion without knowing who Oribe are as a brand. They've styled the best of 'em: Kate Moss, J-Lo, Cara, etc. Working both on set and the runway, they have an aesthetic of glamour and put-together-ness, without being too overdone and unattainable. Their Dry Texturizing Spray really is the stuff of legend.

But singing their praises aside, are they cruelty-free? I found out...

To all of the haters and nay-sayers out there: you're wrong, the Kardashians do have talent. That talent just happens to come in the form of cookie stacking.

H&M are quick to assure everybody that their fashion range is ethical: they don't sell real fur, accept angora rabbit hair or leather products other than that from the meat industry. Whether this makes them ethical is entirely another topic for debate. But what about their recent beauty launches? Was this range tested on animals? Is it vegan? I set out on a mission to find out.

The American brand Colourpop make great quality cosmetics at a really reasonable price. Though they are quite tricky to get hold of in the UK for now, I'm really hoping that this will change at some stage (please!!!). But are they cruelty-free or vegan?

My Ma doesn't hold back when Easter time rolls around. After a bit of a lag after Christmas decorations come down, the bright Spring decor is a welcome sight. Rabbits, chicks, pastels and the Easter tree you can see above are all involved in this yearly spectacle. She goes just as crazy with Easter eggs - I think my record for the number received in one year is 12... The holiday also involves meeting up with the Italian side of the family and eating a lot of food (- seriously, a lot). So, throwing a spanner in the works with this whole vegan milarki, just how did I make it work? Simples.