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Times are a-changing. Big time.

I'm having a spring clean of the soul. I'm going to try to focus less on getting more, and instead prioritise feeling more. I'm not pretending to be free of the consumerism-machine we find ourselves in, but I want to make informed decisions about products and food and I want to think for myself.

I also thought it could be useful to share my journey to veganism. So here goes, vegan log #1.

HOW AM I FINDING THE LIFESTYLE? As someone who's suffered with binge eating and just food in general majorly in the past, I have never been happier food-wise. I used to look at people who didn't seem to see food as a big deal in absolute awe. But, hey, I don't want to talk about past thinking because I'm focused on the current mindset I'm in. So two and a half months in and I'm living the dream and literally eating as much as I want. I'm eating as many whole foods as poss and just avoiding excess fat (i.e. oil, dairy-free butters etc). Don't get me wrong, I still eat crap now and again, but super delicious VEGAN crap. But mood wise, I feel sooooo much brighter and more energetic and motivated and just sound within myself. If you're interested, check this video out about eating yourself to a good mental state. Super interesting find I discovered a while ago.

WHAT NOW? My next steps into the unknown will be getting rid of my precious make up. Well, at least all the precious make up that was created with cruelty. There are loads of cruelty-free brands, both high end and low end, that I'd rather bring business to. It's easy to think that one person doesn't make a difference, but your choice of where to shop is like a vote, and votes add up.

I've decided I'm still going to purchase leather products, but exclusively only second hand from charity shops and the like. Over 80% of my wardrobe is secondhand anyway (excluding bras and pants because, gross) and I practically grew up on hand me downs. I feel it's really important to promote reusing pieces and I know this doesn't make me a true vegan, but there we go. We shall see where the road takes us anyway. 

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