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So I've got rid of a lot of make up pieces over the past few days. A lot. Having just come out of a long gloomy winter and also saying ¡adios! to all of my non cruelty-free bronzers, I must say I look a bit on the anaemic side of pale. To fix this, I've picked up a long-time-lusted-over product from the amazing cruelty free brand (and my idol) Charlotte Tilbury. The brand itself is not 100% vegan, but I had a mosey through the ingredients pre-purchase and this badboy definitely is. It's the beautifully packaged Film Star Bronze and Glow in Light-Medium, and we get to unbox it together. Are you excited? Because I'm excited.
I've only ever bought CT online so I know the drill, she packages her products like they are masterpieces - which, actually, for a make up enthusiast, they kind of are. I'm not going to patronise you by describing how I opened a box and unwrapped some tissue paper, let the pictures speak a thousand words.

My heart dropped a little when I saw a collection of powdery product on the corner of the inner box, but luckily the duo wasn't smashed or damaged, so don't know what happened there. Regardless, I just want to mention that I ordered this yesterday (a Monday) and chose free standard delivery (2-5 working days) and it came this morning (Tuesday). Along with the cute letter and free samples (that I got to personally choose when placing the order), their service is second to none. Having worked in customer service, I really appreciate the effort they put in to each order! Really sweet.

As you can see, the two shades (a neutral light brown and subtle champagne) look beautiful and not too overbearing on fair skin tones like moi. They are both finely milled and super smooth to the touch. Colour wise, this also comes in a darker version for deeper skin tones and a cream version for those that prefer cream formula products.

OK so let's be real now, at £49 this is NOT your run of the mill cheap and cheerful option. If you are not too bothered about make up then it's not a necessity but I've wanted this since it first launched and the quality of the formula and packaging are both insane. Also, Charlotte herself has been a make up artist for years and, having done pretty much every supermodel's make up and also worked closely with the god of fashion photography Mario Testino, she knows her stuff and she knows what makes a good product. I'm yet to wear this out and about to test the staying power but I'm very excited to do so and I shall keep you posted on how it fairs.


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