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Seventeen days into January and I think it's about time for me to say my goodbyes to 2015. Looking back, I've worked pretty hard this year - six days a week and babysitting on top to save up for moving to uni was not 10/10 on the fun scale. Saying that, I learnt a lot and met some really great people. Other achievements in the past 12 months...I passed my driving test! That happened. I also cut out coffee (ish), went to my first foreign festival, read EIGHT books, attended my first networking event and I saw The Maccabees three times. Not too shabby.


What I want out of this year? Well, my resolutions are low key. Aim high and keep your expectations low, that's the Tracey Beaker way of life and a win-win situation.

PRETTY HANDS - Gross confession time: I have the nervous habit of biting off my nail varnish, and I'm nervous the majority of the time. A lesser evil than biting my nails, maybe, but biting your hands in general is all round a bit grim. Now that I'm in my twenties (which whilst I mention it should NOT have been allowed to happen..) I need to buck my ideas up, and want to keep my nails prim and proper. Doesn't sound too testing, but I'll keep you updated on how it goes. 

STREAMLINE - The truth is, I have so many things that I just do not need. So I really want to donate all of the clothes that I will realistically never get round to wearing and rid myself of the knick-knacks that I keep because, you know, just in case. What if I need to dress up spacedisco-esque for a party? What if  leg warmers suddenly come back into fashion? These are the questions from a self-confessed hoarder and something has to change, and change soon. If I get invited to a Christmas-pirate themed murder mystery at some point in the future, then I'll just have to deal with it.

FUND RAISE - I've accidentally become really invested in this American charity who pull neglected animals from the shelter - usually just before they are about to be euthanised - called VetRanch. I feel like as much as I want to help, continuing to donate my student loan is not the overall wisest move. So, I would like to somehow raise some money for the charity to donate. If you want to read about all their good work, have a look at their website or check out their YouTube channel. I find that sometimes the vastness of all the sad things in the world can get a touch overwhelming, so it's nice to know that you can play a small part in helping. I'd also like to volunteer for an animal charity at some stage during the year - something I've always wanted to do and now I live in a city it should be a lot easier to get a placement. This is the year of support for our furry friends ♥ 

BLOGBLOGBLOG - I hereby vow to (try to) churn out two blog posts per week. I'm not going to set that in stone because I would 100% rather publish a post of substance over some waffle for the sake of it. Quality over quantity and all that. Stay tuned.

GO VEGAN - Yep, that old nut. As a long term veggie, I'm a half-vegan... I know that's not a thing... but my road to veganism seems to be taking a heck of a while. I don't consume milk or eggs and haven't for a while - and have now cut out cheese. I still need to remind myself to check packets for traces of dairy, but I'll get there. I've come to the realisation that I can't ignore the cruel dairy industry any longer. It's undeniably unethical, and I would be a complete hypocrite if I were to continue to not eat meat for moral reasons, and yet scoff a bowl of ice cream. Speaking of which I have made the BEST vegan ice cream discovery. Booja-Booja make dairy-free, soya-free, gluten-free, everything-free ice cream that is absolutely incredible! It's so tasty. Together with Green & Blacks choc and falafel, I think I'll be just fine.

I want to continue to do scary things and push myself. It's stressful and intimidating, but you have to put yourself out there. If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

How is anybody else supposed to believe you if you don't even believe yourself? You feel me?

OK enough of the morale-boosting quips and all the best for 2016! Let's make it the most happy, healthy and loving yet ♥ 

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