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Emani Cosmetics are a vegan & cruelty free brand - a more natural option in terms of makeup ingredients. They kindly sent me their Perfect 10 Primer Serum, Eyeshadow Quad in Sunset Boulevard, Vegan Mosaic Blush in Key Largo, Organic Soy Mascara and their Hydrating Lipstick in Dolce. 

See below for swatches, try on & full review of these bits! For reference, I have sensitive skin which is often dehydrated.

Never have I ever been complimented on a necklace so much. Honestly! People have been so kind about this lovely gifted necklace every time I wear it (which has been pretty frequently, I must admit). The chain is really well made and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all - plus the design pays homage to vintage / art deco style in such a unique way. I very much adore it.

But let's back up a little shall we...

I'm pretty vocal on my channel and socials about the ethics of fast fashion. The materials, energy & labour that goes into creating pieces that lack quality & therefore are disposed of pretty rapidly. But what about jewellery?

Until relatively recently, I had not properly considered the disposable nature of a lot of the jewellery I've purchased. When I was younger I would go through oodles of Primark plastic pearls, lots of tacky Topshop sale-rail rings and nickel necklaces. They wore really badly and (retrospectively) were just a waste of money and resources.

Nowadays, I'm much more picky when it comes to jewellery because my skin is very sensitive. This a very annoying and majorly pretentious sensitivity to have - I struggle with wearing various metals and low-carat gold even. Like I say, this didn't used to stop me wearing cheap rings and necklaces. My neck would itch and my fingers would turn a mouldy green shade - but style over comfort eh? I had no funds to invest in proper jewellery back then. No drive to purchase the classy stuff that didn't make my neck red-raw with itching & ears bleed from the cheap metal. Am I painting a pretty picture for you here?

But another aspect of jewellery that hadn't dawned on me was the story behind the people who make the jewellery. I don't know how I thought these things were produced to be honest - I guess I just assumed they were made by machines? How mad to think that was my assumption and that I wasn't interested in asking any further questions as long as I could have the end product... In reality, the jewellery industry remains pretty hidden and massively sketchy. I'm talking about brands that are a bit more up-market than Primark now, the pricey and more 'prestigious' brands. I'm all for investing in pieces and making them last, but still there are very few jewellery companies that have credentials on their ethics and sustainability. It remains an unknown part of the jewellery business for many consumers.

Lucky for us, there is one particular brand that is wonderfully transparent about their practices. The above necklace is by the brand Sacet (pronouced sah-set)I've previously mentioned this brand in a favourites video when I featured a pair of thier Lujia North East earrings (though I mistakenly pronounced the brand sa-ket because I'm an uncultured swine..). 

Sacet create amazing jewellery that is both ethically and sustainably made. They use 100% recycled metals, ethically polished diamonds & gemstones. They even grow their own diamonds to ensure they are conflict-free! The necklace and bracelet above both feature the Ornate Geometric Pendant in 18K Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver. The colourful stones in this piece are Malachite, Citrine & Rhodolite.

Every product I've tried from Sacet has come beautifully (but sustainably) packaged in cardboard boxes with individual cloth bags. They work with various designers with different artistic tastes so they can provide a wide variety of styles on their site - from vintage-looking pieces like the one in this blogpost to more simple and edgier jewellery as well. 

What I find really interesting and unique about Sacet is how they break down the journey of the piece of jewellery you receive. Their business purposely links the final product you receive to the maker of that piece (Anyone in the audience tonight familiar with Marx's theory of alientation?! No? Just me? Alrighty. As you were.) If you're new around here, I studied business at uni with a particular interest in sustainability and corporate social responsibility [which is often referred to as CSR]. For this reason, I am a huge fan of Sacet's ethos when say they prioritise people, planet and profit in a balanced way. These three P's are the three pillars of CSR and by considering the stakeholders who fall into these three categories, brands can improve their ethics and give back to the world in both a socially and economically sustainable way. Sacet make an effort to give names, faces and credit to their designers and craftspeople both in the leaflet that comes with each purpose and online here https://www.sacet.com/craftsmen. They provide fair pay and collaborative and safe working conditions which connect people who have a passion for craftsmanship. It's very heartwarming and something every brand should strive to achieve too.

This set really is a work of art and I'm sure would make such an amazing present for any jewellery lover in your life. What with Christmas around the corner, if you're thinking of getting a special someone some jewellery this year, I couldn't recommend Sacet enough!

To educate yourself more on the ethics of the jewellery industry, please check out Sacet's website here: https://www.sacet.com/jewellery-with-a-purpose. It's really informative and well worth a read. Thanks again to Sacet for the kind gift in exchange for a review. I'm a big fan. 

Organic Basics don't beat around the bush: 'The fashion industry is a dirty bastard'. 

Their words, not mine. 

And they're not wrong. The textile industry is responsible for masses of air, land & water pollution all over the world - and it's often the poorest of people who work in overseas factories that face the horrendous immediate side effects of this pollution. It's not uncommon for untreated wastewater from factories to flow into local waterways, harming aquatic life and contaminating local water supplies. Still, that's not to suggest that we worldwide won't feel the impact of our consumption choices when it comes to fashion. I'm not suggesting it's a far away problem just because many garments are produced overseas.

Consumption issues are everyone's problem. I have found that the more you educate yourself, the more overwhelmed & disillusioned you can feel. What used to be a mere transaction is increasingly becoming a moral dilemma. You pick a garment up & think, who made it? What material is it made out of? How was the material produced? Where this garment made? In what conditions?

It really is a minefield.

Thankfully, Organic Basics have been a breath of fresh air in my wardrobe. They make scandi-style sustainably and ethically made underwear & activewear that fits well, washes well & wears well. Every box: ticked.

They only work with factories that share their same vision of sustainability in fashion. These workplaces are free of harassment, forced labour, child labour, and ensure everyone employed is paid a fair living wage, with regular breaks & receives employee support in terms of things like childcare. Just as they should.

So the ethics of the brand is on point, the fit is spot on and the quality is just great. I highly recommend checking these guys out. One of the most common questions I get about sustainable fashion is in regards to where to get sustainable underwear & workout gear, so I figured I would review the pieces I've tried from Organic Basics. Although I champion secondhand shopping wherever possible, it's great to have firsthand options from a brand you trust just in case you can't find what you need secondhand.

I've tried 3 pieces in total and tested them for about three months - two of which were kindly gifted, the other I bought with my own moneys because the quality of the first two blew. my. socks. off. (if you'll pardon the pun).

Everything I've tried is from their SilverTech range - which is a range treated with Polygiene in order to stay fresher for longer. More wears between washes saves a lot of water over time. The SilverTech bits are made from 96% recycled nylon and produced using practises that conserve water, save CO2 pollution and prevent waste. Check out their Impact Index on their website for more info. In my experience, I can confirm that this fabric is truly breathable enough to wear and work out in 5+ times before it needs a wash. And that's coming from me! Sweaty Gonzales! Who doesn't even wear anti-perspirant! It's game-changing.


This really is one of the comfiest sports bras ever. I even wear it as a normal bra day-to-day a lot of the time... it's the perfect amount of support but doesn't have any seams or hard fastenings so doesn't dig in anywhere.

In terms of support, I would say it's a decent medium impact bra without being uncomfortably tight (I'm a B cup for reference).

This stays fresh when worn for multiple workouts throughout the week & doesn't leave sweat stains under the arms. It's these gritty details that you don't know you need to know until you do. Y'know?


First & foremost, these leggings work absolute ~magic~ for the butt. The lift & sculpt is almost applaudable. I know, I know, it's not necessarily about aesthetics with workout gear. But, hey! If you feel good in workout gear, you're probably more likely to workout more right? 

The functionality of these is just as brilliant. They are really well made, very comfy & are a true joy to exercise in. Something to note is I’m 5’3 [rather short] & they probably are a little too long for me as they crease slightly at the knees/ankles, but it’s not overly noticeable. 

This is very much the most I've spent on socks, ever. And yet, not one single regret. I know £24 for two pairs of socks sounds expensive, but when I think about high street brands like & Other Stories selling socks for £8 each, it's only £4 more per sock (sock maths xo). I'm more than happy to pay £4 more & support a sustainable brand.

Price aside, the quality of these are MINDBLOWING. Honestly, never did I think I would feel so passionately about a goddamn sock. But here I am! Giddy over my lovely lovely breathable socks from Organic Basics! That are still funky fresh even though I've wear them on 5 runs in a row before washing. I know you may be recoiling in disgust at that... I probably would have done too if I hadn't tried these before, but they just don't seem to hold smells & stay clean for a lot longer. I will obviously have to wash these soon, but I'm still very chuffed about how much water I'm saving.

Other little things I wanted to mention about Organic Basics is that I also really appreciate that there was absolutely no plastic in the packaging of the pieces. My items came packaged in a thin cardboard box [which admittedly was quite battered, but the item inside was pristine, wrapped in some tissue]. The tags were printed on cardboard & sewn with string directly into the garment - no plastic tags like you find on most clothes. It also means the piece is seamless & doesn't have itchy inner tags next to your skin. The washing instructions are printed directly onto the inside of the garment. Such a seemingly small touch, but imagine if every fashion brand in the world did these with every single garment they produced? How many small pieces of plastic we'd cut out? The mind boggles.

So yeah. I am an Organic Basics fan girl & I really look forward to investing in more pieces from them. 

Le code BECKYOBC will give ya 10% off until September 20th if you wanted to make a purchase. Shop here.

Love x

Lisbon, in my experience, is a city of lovely weather, people & food. I would head back in an instant. Something about the warmth of the Portuguese, the city's winding streets & the persistent sunshine made for a really magical trip.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by all of the amazing vegan food options on offer. Though I did research pre-holiday & also got lots of recommendations [thank you to anyone who sent me suggestions!], I had seen mixed opinions as to whether I'd be catered for - considering I was travelling with a non-vegan [who was happy to eat vegan but not exclusively]. But to my surprise, I found that not only were there loads of vegan options, I also ate some of the best vegan food I've ever had the pleasure to put in my mouth ! So here I am to share the good, the bad & the ugly of the eateries we tried out.

My top recommendations are sorted under the absolute ~must-go~ locations, whereas further down this blogpost are some places that served vegan options but were pretty average & weren't anything to write home about.

- the BEST FOOD spots -

Rua da Prata 61, 1100-41, Lisboa

This ice cream was mega. For real. I'm always wary of heading to ice cream parlours which have 'vegan options' according to Google / TripAdvisor because, 9 times out of 10, those vegan options are lemon sorbet. Which is fine. I like lemon sorbet! But it's not ice cream, y'know? Sorbet is great & all but when you're expecting ice cream and instead get sorbet, it's a bit disappointing.

This place is right near the beach and is on a main stretch with lots of other shops. It doesn't look too fancy inside but it has a small eating area where you can sit out of the sun & cool off. With probably around 35 flavours overall, maybe 10 of them were vegan? Plus, each day they have different extra vegan options up on the board.

My recommendation? Try the cashew flavour !! I was expecting something quite bland and icy - but oh my GOODNESS, it was glorious. Even the most ~simple~ of flavours had so much depth it's unbelievable. Other flavours they had when we visited were vegan pistachio, caramel, cinnamon, strawberry, lemon - lots more but I'm struggling to remember. I definitely had a chocolately one that was honestly sublime. I would travel back to Portugal just for this one gelato shop. The staff were really lovely too - in fact all of the service we had in Lisbon was incredibly nice, which makes all the difference!


Tv. Inglesinhos 36, 1200-223 Lisboa, Portugal.

Who would've thought I'd have the best Italian pizza in Portugal? Not me. But I did! Well, it was the best vegan pizza I've ever tried as the last time I was in Italy I was only vegetarian - but still a great contender! So much better than any vegan pizzas I've had over here - Franco Manca, Zizzi's etc.

This restaurant is on quite a small street & has indoor seating only - but with nice airy open doors. The staff were so lovely & the bar serves bangin' blackcurrant mojitos which went down a treat [their different flavoured cocktails seem to change daily]. It was pretty busy for a Monday day so maybe book ahead if you're keen to go.

We had bruschetta to start which I could have easily eaten 12 slices of... so incredibly fresh. I mean I know that you can't really go too wrong with bruschetta, but it was seasoned to perfection. Then for main I had a pizza Margherita because I'm a vanilla gal. Everything about it was perfect - the sauce, the dough, the vegan cheese was the best I've ever tried! I think it's soya-based cheese as opposed to the coconut-based alternative that most pizza restaurants use in the UK. Also had strawberry sorbet for dessert! Which wasn't anything to rave about but was pleasant.

Overall, a 10/10 meal and decently priced too. The people dining next to us were visiting the city too and they had eaten there the night as well only to return again, because it was that good!


R. Santos-O-Velho 2 e 4, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal.
Our flat was literally around the corner to Heim cafe - a really quaint and beautifully decorated cafe with lovely staff and lovely food. It was the first eatery we went to when we landed & the last place we ate at before heading back to the airport on the way back.

They have vegan options on the menu - avo on toast, granola etc. and are super accommodating to vegans too. Defo try the ginger lemonade!! 

The coffee is nice - I would avoid the oat milk because I tried it in Iced Lattes in a couple of places & it tasted of dish soap. The soya / almond are better options in my opinion. Beware - there is likely to be a waiting list if you get there 10.30ish onwards (peak brunch time) but it is well worth the wait.


R. Vitor Cordon 26, 1200-484 Lisboa, Portugal.

AO Vegan Food Project serve some amazing, wholesome meals which are really good value for money. The menu has lots of interesting burgers, sandwiches, salads & daily specials. I went for the mung bean lasagne which was absolutely SUBLIME! 10000/10, would recommend to a friend. Would even travel back to Lisboa just to eat here. Plus my meal only cost me €8!


Tv. R. Bernardino Costa 21-23, 1200-052 Lisboa.

This delightful little bakery sells vegan / gluten free Pastel de Nata! What a treat. The traditional Portuguese tart is usually made with eggs, whereas a selection of pastries sold here are egg free, dairy free, gluten free and there are even low-sugar options for diabetics. A very inclusive eatery this. The inside is nothing fancy, it looks like a canteen - but the prices are decent as are the pastries. 


Centro Comerical Martim Moniz 6 Esq, Praca Martim Moniz, 1100-341 Lisboa.

This rooftop bar is on top of hotel Martim Moniz. Definitely one of the best mojitos I've ever tried with one of the nicest views I've ever seen. So fresh & perfectly mixed. They serve food too - I tried the risotto & nachos, which were okay but nothing amazing. I would recommend only getting a drink here as the food was expensive and the service was quite slow (the staff were lovely just really busy/over stretched). So yeah, I wouldn't necessarily recommend eating here, but it's such a nice spot for drinks at sunset.


OK this is a total cheat mention because we actually didn't make it to this bar - it's a hidden bar on the rooftop of a carpark (I imagine similar to Franks in London). Alas, I left it to my boyf to navigate us to Park one evening & he lead us to......... a park....... and then to a random university car park.... and it took so much hill walking that we just threw in the towel & ambled home. Good times.

- other less yummy places -

Rua da Boavista 16, 1200-275, Lisboa.

The service in this restaurant was lovely - our waiter was so sweet & recommended a load of rooftop bars to check out. He adapted the menu well for vegan eating - but the food was really average. We had the tacos - which were soft shell not crunchy, which was odd. The waiter also let me mix dishes and try one of each of the vegan options - refried beans, peppers & mushrooms. It was all pretty bland to be honest.. either the cheese that I asked to be removed really made the dish, or it was just a dud meal. Kind of disappointing. Also the frozen margarita machine was broken - which are apparently to die for.

Rua da Alfandega 114, 1100-016 Lisboa.

This place is a cool concept - it serves burgers without any bread. Kind of like the filling of the burger is the bun, if that makes sense. They have a few vegan options & I went for the lentil burger. Each burger comes with two from a salad (AMAZING dressing!), chips or rice.

They also serve homemade ketchup, which was music to my ears, until I realised that it wasn't ketchup at all, it was a sweet salsa. I love salsa, but it's not ketchup. My burger was pretty bland (definitely in need of Mr Organic Tomato Ketchup!) but again, service was lovely. Wouldn't eat here again though.

Thanks for reading lovers. Enjoy Lisbon if you're visiting! Let me know if you hit any of these restaurants.

It's been a long old road finding the perfect vegan bronzers for my fair skin, so I thought it may be helpful to share some of my favs & compare them with swatches in case any pale folk are treading a similar path!

Below are my favourites so far - from left to right: Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer in Miami Beach, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Nude Bronze Light, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light & The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01.  All vegan, cruelty free & Logical Harmony Approved.

A good few bank holidays later, we're nearing the end of May and I'm prepping for my upcoming summer holiday to Portugal. I am so....blinking....excited !! I haven't been on a hot holiday in absolutely yonks so I feel like it's been a long time coming. I've also never been to Portugal so I'm really looking forward to exploring (and eating). I've been prepping various bodycare bits & reusable stuffs to take with me so I thought I'd share what I've been picking up + loving!

Dr Bronner's are a brand that I've been aware of for a while now. Famed for their  cult-classic Pure Castile Liquid Soaps, a multi-purpose cleaner for face, body, hair, home, food and more, they also make a handful of other cosmetic/cleaning products - one of which being this All-In-One Toothpaste. They kindly sent this over to me in honour of World Oral Health Day & here is what I liked and didn't like about it.

Brand Background
Dr Bronner's are cruelty free & almost entirely vegan - their lip & body balms are the only products in their range that are non-vegan as they contain beeswax. They are Logical Harmony certified, Leaping Bunny Certified, use 100% post consumer waste packaging, are fairtrade, non-GMO & this particular toothpaste is 70% organic. Their accreditations are quite impressive to be honest... And looking at the various social + environmental causes they support, they really do seem like a lovely brand - my only wish is for their products to be less plastic-heavy... regardless of where that plastic has come from, it still has to be disposed of eventually, you know?

Price Point
Depending on where you order it from, this toothpaste is around the £7-£10 mark. This is a similar price to many other natural toothpastes on the market, if not ever-so-slightly higher.

This toothpaste contains 70% organic ingredients. It does not contain fluoride.  It comes in 3 variations - Anise, Cinnamon & Peppermint - the flavour I am testing. The full ingredients list for the Peppermint toothpaste is as follows...

Organic Glycerin, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Hydrated Silica, Calcium Carbonate, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Potassium Cocoate (made with Organic Coconut Oil*), Organic Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil , Organic Mentha Arvensis (Methol) Crystals, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Flour*, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Organic Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf / Stem Extract.
* = Certified Fair Trade Ingredient.

This toothpaste is quite sweet compared to the natural toothpastes I've tried before, but the taste isn't unpleasant. It foams nicely (not as much lather as a conventional toothpaste but this is pretty typical of natural formulas) and leaves teeth feeling really clean. It feels very gentle as the abrasive particles in it are very fine. The scent is also gentle but leaves the breath subtly fresh.

Final Verdict
Like I say, it cleans the teeth well & leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I think that it's a brilliant option if you're after a fluoride-free natural toothpaste. It cleans a lot better than other toothpastes I've tried that have coconut oil in them - plus coconut oil has been famed for the dental health properties it can bring to your oral health routine. If you're after a toothpaste that has fluoride in, you'll have to look elsewhere as all 3 flavours are without fluoride added. But for the fluoride-free folks, this is a good option! You can shop the range here.